Various Artists: Total War: Three Kingdoms / Various

Various Artists: Total War: Three Kingdoms / Various
Title: Total War: Three Kingdoms / Various
Label: Laced Records

Laced Records has partnered with Creative Assembly and SEGA to release the original soundtrack to Total War™: Three Kingdoms on deluxe triple vinyl. THREE KINGDOMS is the first in the award-winning Total War series to recreate epic conflict across ancient China. Combining a gripping turn-based campaign of empire-building and conquest with stunning real-time battles, THREE KINGDOMS redefined the series in an age of heroes and legends. Music composition was headed up by Creative Assembly Audio Director Richard Beddow, with Richard Birdsall, Tim Wynn and Simon Ravn rounding out the game's music team. Informed by Chinese music specialists, the orchestral soundtrack is laced with traditional instruments and musical harmony, transporting players to a time of honour and struggle, division and dynasties. Featured ensembles include the Sofia Session Orchestra and the FILMharmonic Orchestra. 40 tracks specially mastered for vinyl will be pressed onto three audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g discs. These will be housed in a deluxe triple gatefold sleeve.

1.1 Total War - Three Kingdoms
1.2 The Guiding Path
1.3 Tensity
1.4 United Must Divide
1.5 Pieces In Place
1.6 The Unknown
1.7 A Familiar Mourning
1.8 Purpose Found
1.9 Uncompromising Strength
1.10 Soaring Dragons
1.11 A Defiant End
1.12 Resolute Sorrow
1.13 Bleeding Earth
1.14 Heaven Awaits
1.15 Dancing Blossoms
1.16 Rising Fire
1.17 Patient Wind
1.18 The Promise Of Tomorrow
1.19 Destiny
1.20 Sealed by Fate
1.21 Solemnity
1.22 The Tortoise Lives Long
1.23 Ashes At The Last
1.24 Prowling Tiger
1.25 An Age Of Heroes
1.26 History's Long Shadow
1.27 Fortunes From Above
1.28 The Looming Storm
1.29 The Mandate Of Heaven
1.30 A Tyrant Undone
1.31 Diplomacy Has Failed
1.32 The Long Journey
1.33 Tales Of Long Ago
1.34 The Blade's Edge
1.35 A Show Of Force
1.36 At An Impasse
1.37 Opposing Forces
1.38 Mighty Warriors
1.39 Ever-Flowing Rivers
1.40 Oaths of Truth

Various Artists: Total War: Three Kingdoms / Various

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