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Various Artists: Trampers Dynamic Christmas

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Trampers Dynamic Christmas
Label: CD Baby

3 Hours of Holiday music in every musical style make up Tramper's Dynamic Christmas boxed set of originals and standards performed like you've never heard before! Tramper, the Dynamic dog on the cover, had her original home at The Humane Society at Lollypop Farm, and although she is not performing on the CDs named for her, she was the inspiration for this great recording project and money from each sale goes to benefit her original home. Bring great music into your home for the holidays - and help our homeless furry friends and companions at the same time. Ballads, classics, rock'n'roll, Blues, originals, country, jazz, folk, world beat, Gospel - it's all here with something for everyone's musical taste. From big musical productions to straight forward vocal and guitar, and everything in between, each production is excellent. Here's what reviewers have had to say: After I asked for the chance to hear (the fascinating) Carousel Christmas from Dynamic Records, I received a package containing both Carousel Christmas and Tramper's Dynamic Christmas. Oh, great, thinks I, more animal music! Well, joy! Rapture! It's not animal music at all, but one of the finest 'Various Artists' collections I have heard, and by far the largest and most various. Dynamic has put together a 3 CD set of enchanting Christmas songs--47 songs, count 'em--in a wide variety of moods and styles. Although it will be difficult to characterize this wide-ranging collection, I'll try. The three CDs contain a good sampling of sacred, seasonal, and Santa songs. Many of the traditional favorites are covered, at times in quite unconventional arrangements. And there are several nice original songs, too. Amy Collins and John Stevens perform a beautiful minor-key folk rendition of Adeste Fideles. Linda Rutherford and Celtic Fire perform a very 'riverdance' version of Christmas in Killarney. Alfred St. John and the Trinidad & Tobabo Steelband tap out a moving arrangement of What Child Is This on pans, accompanied by drums and bass guitar. (This is the opportunity I've been waiting for to suggest that pan arrangements are always a richer experience for me when they're accompanied by other, non-pan instruments. This band is first rate.) For choral music fans, there is the St. John The Evangelist Adult Choir (Michael Szatkowski, Director) with a traditional arrangement of Do You Hear What I Hear. And Beth Schroeder picks and sings a slightly jazzed up Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. I'm trying to give an idea of the range of styles appearing on this set, and I'm only scratching the surface. I love regional recordings, because they can offer so much more value than what the major record labels get away with producing. This music really makes a strong case. The other thing that stands out for me about this offering is that the people who put this project together clearly care about Christmas and about their community. That always makes a difference in how I listen to a recording. The liner notes say that $3.00 from each copy of this recording (which lists at $19.95--a 'best buy') goes to the Humane Society of Rochester and Monroe County. I highly recommend this Exceptional collection. --Richard Banks.

1.1 Sleigh Ride 2:23 (Al Keltz)
1.2 Hark! the Herald Angels Sing 2:19 (Chuck Parnell)
1.3 The Meaning of Christmas 4:30 (Bonnie Abrams)
1.4 Silent Night 2:43 (World Resonance)
1.5 Please Come Home for Christmas 4:16 (Jeff Elliott)
1.6 In Old Judea 1:47 (Jerry Elliott)
1.7 Cherry Tree Carol 2:43 (Peg Dolan)
1.8 Breath of Heaven 4:54 (Kristine Seewagen)
1.9 Mary's Little Boy Child 2:39 (Paulsen, Baker, Garvey ; Keltz)
1.10 O Holy Night 3:34 (Carol Mulligan)
1.11 Leavin' Me on Christmas Eve 6:09 (The Coupe Devilles)
1.12 Christmas Must Be Tonight 3:40 (The Dady Brothers)
1.13 Children, Go Where I Send Thee 2:07 (Allen Hopkins)
1.14 On Christmas Eve 4:57 (The Magical Dinosaurs)
1.15 Christmas Every Day 2:00 (Rose Russo)
1.16 What Child Is This 4:12 (Alfred St. John's Trinidad ; Tobago Ste
1.17 Christmas in Killarney 2:24 (Linda Rutherford and Celtic Fire)
1.18 It's Christmas and You're Not Here 3:48 (Joan Burton
1.19 Paper ; Bow 4:31 (The Bristol Brothers)
1.20 The Lord Came Down 3:20 (Pink Dakota)
1.21 The Christmas Song 2:43 (Torch X 2)
1.22 Christ Is Born in Bethlehem 3:23 (North Forty)
1.23 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 4:15 (Mike Palma)
1.24 Carol of the Bells/The White Snows of Winter/Still, Still, Still
1.25 The Little Drummer Boy 4:07 (Coyote Collins)
1.26 It's Christmas Morning 5:15 (Blue Delta)
1.27 Christmas Spirit 3:40 (Dita Monique)
1.28 Adeste Fidelis 2:23 Amy Collins
1.29 Go Tell It on the Mountain 3:43 (The Smugtown Stompers)
1.30 Christmas Is 3:18 (Billy Goodness)
1.31 Do You Hear What I Hear 3:04 (The St. John the Evangelist Adult
1.32 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 2:20Beth Schroeder
1.33 The White Stag of Erin's Glen 3:43 (String Shift)
1.34 Virginia for Christmas 4:27 (Connie Demming)
1.35 Through the Eyes of a Child 4:56 (Michael O'Shea)
1.36 White Christmas 2:32 (Maynard with John and Joe Dady)
1.37 Any Day of the Year 3:49 (Home Brew)
1.38 Silent Night 6:10 (The Zion Hill Youth Choir)
1.39 The Christmas Song 5:18 (Vince Finocchio Jazz Quartet)
1.40 Beautiful Star of Bethlehem 4:18 (Lisa Hopkins)
1.41 Chirstmas Time Is Here/I'll Be Home for Christmas 6:44 (Jerry BR
1.42 Permission/Away in a Manger 5:24 (Beth Ely Sleboda)
1.43 Silver Bells 3:00 (The 1926 Wurlitzer Band Organ
1.44 44. Christmas Hopes 3:43 (Rich Arnold)
1.45 Scarlet Ribbons 3:20 (Dave Kaspersin)
1.46 Ave Maria 3:00 (Cindy Lea Casperson)
1.47 Have You Seen Kali 2:36 (Eyes Wide)

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