Various Artists

Various Artists: Transitions in Trance

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Transitions in Trance

1.1 Running on the Horizon (Alter Nature, Minoru Remix)
1.2 Insomnia (Ascent)
1.3 Aquarian Energy (Lost Shaman)
1.4 A.I.R. (Rishi, All Is Relative)
1.5 Ambisonic (Timeless)
1.6 Power of Positive Mind (Ovnimoon, Lyctum)
1.7 Approaching Distant Galaxy (Elgiva)
1.8 Energy (Twelve Sessions)
1.9 Back to the Roots - (Holophonoik, Spectra)
1.10 Anima (Q-Asar)
2.1 Boom Central (Wizack Twizack)
2.2 Goa People (Elgiva)
2.3 In My Dream (Cosmo Circle, Bunker Jack Remix)
2.4 Space Jungle (Sunday Light, Civa)
2.5 Floating Into Yourself (Earthspace)
2.6 Don't Leave the Room (Twelve Sessions)
2.7 Planet Zero (Modul8)
2.8 Melancodelic (Sundose, Chichke Remix)
2.9 Mind Flow (Xaile)
2.10 Space Traveller (Soulearth)
2.11 Solace (Beatfarmer)

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