Various Artists: Tuneful Twenties / Various

Various Artists: Tuneful Twenties / Various
Title: Tuneful Twenties / Various
Label: Folkways Records

For every song like "Yes, Sir! That's My Baby" that remains well known to listeners long after it's release, scores of other favorites fade into the memories of those who once loved them. The Tuneful Twenties offers listeners the opportunity to hear these fine but forgotten tunes once again.

1.1 Who's That Pretty Baby
1.2 Sittin' in a Corner
1.3 Too Tired
1.4 Come on, Red
1.5 Where Can I Find You?
1.6 Whoa Tillie, Take Your Time
1.7 Steppin' in Society
1.8 Charleston Baby of Mine
1.9 In My Dreams
1.10 My Sunday Girl
1.11 I Wonder What's Become of Joe
1.12 She's Got 'Im
1.13 Who'll Take My Place?
1.14 Say It While Dancing
1.15 High, High, High Up in the Hills
1.16 Steppin' Fool

Various Artists: Tuneful Twenties / Various

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