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Various Artists: Twista Presents Legit Ballin

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Twista Presents Legit Ballin

For years Twista has been bringing his kinetic flows to the ears of millions of listeners, putting Chicago on the map in the music industry. Always relevant, Twista remains in the game despite a constantly shifting music industry and a new wave of rappers. Deeming himself the Jason Vorhees of rap, Twist is resilient in the industry as he continues to slay track after track. TWISTA PRESENTS LEGIT BALLIN shows Twista and some mighty fine friends slammin tight flows, dope beats and heavy bass.

1.1 Intro - Twista
1.2 Victory or Death - Twista
1.3 Legit Ballaz - Twista, Turtle Banxx ; Tod Nitty -
1.4 Artillery - Twista ; Tod Nitty
1.5 Skit-It's Burning
1.6 Wide Open - Ms. Kane
1.7 Skit-Don Juan
1.8 My Apartment - Turtle Banxx
1.9 What Ya Gone Do - Bennie Franks ; Buck
1.10 Skit-Don Juan
1.11 Jail Time - Turtle Banxx
1.12 Skit-Pastor Ya Dig
1.13 Piece of Mind - Darkside Ballaz
1.14 Bennie Franks By Bennie Franks
1.15 Skit Unprotective Sex
1.16 Rider Bitch - Ms. Kane
1.17 Don't Blink - Turtle Banxx
1.18 Skit-Get Em Off Me
1.19 Break Em Up - Bennie Franks, High Beam ; Tod Nitty
1.20 Bloodn Blood Out - Tod Nitty
1.21 Skit-Born This Way
1.22 Game Recognize Game - Twista ; Ms. Kane
1.23 Get Ya -Twista ; High Beam
1.24 Grand Finale - Twista. Bennie Franks. Turtle Banxx ; Tod Nitth
1.25 Skit-Weeeee Straight
1.26 :

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