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Various Artists: Ultima Thule-The Farthest Limit / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Ultima Thule-The Farthest Limit / Various

Jesus music primarily began in population centers of the United States where the Jesus Movement was gaining momentum-Southern California (esp. Costa Mesa and Hollywood), San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago-around 1969-1970. Large numbers of hippies and street musicians began converting to born-again Christianity. Much of the music[3] was a blend of folk music and folk rock[4] (Children of the Day, Paul Clark, John Fischer, Nancy Honeytree, Mark Heard, Noel Paul Stookey), soft rock (Chuck Girard, Tom Howard, Phil Keaggy, Mustard Seed Faith, Salvation Air Force, Pat Terry), R&B (Andraé Crouch (and the Disciples)), Soul music/Jazz fusion (Sweet Comfort Band), country rock (Bethlehem, Daniel Amos, Gentle Faith, The Talbot Brothers - John Michael and Terry Talbot, The Way), and hard rock (Agape, The All Saved Freak Band, Petra, Resurrection Band, Servant).

1.1 What's That You Say- Newbury Park - Newbury Park
1.2 City, City- Mike Johnson - Mike Johnson
1.3 On a Hill- Kentucky Faith - Kentucky Faith
1.4 It Was True- Paul Clark - Paul Clark
1.5 Truth- Harvest Flight - Harvest Flight
1.6 Thank You- Newbury Park - Newbury Park
1.7 Looking Glass Incident- Paul Clark - Paul Clark
1.8 Someone's in Love with You- New Neighborhood - New Neighborhood
1.9 Walk By Faith- Marj Snyder - Marj Snyder
1.10 Love of Jesus- Phoenix Sonshine - Phoenix Sonshine

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