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Various Artists: Underworld Awakening (Score) (Original Soundtrack)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Underworld Awakening (Score) (Original Soundtrack)
Label: Lakeshore Records

The UNDERWORLD AWAKENING score features music by Paul Haslinger.

1.1 The Purge
1.2 Underworld Awakening Main Titles
1.3 Raiding the Army Surplus Store
1.4 Non-Human Aggressor
1.5 I Was Subject 2
1.6 Arriving at the Coven
1.7 I've Never Seen a Child Like This
1.8 This Is Not One of Us
1.9 I Know Exactly What You Are
1.10 If You Knew Him As I Did
1.11 Prepare the Armory
1.12 The Uber-Lycan
1.13 Reanimation
1.14 Then Came the Purge
1.15 Silene Returns to Antigen
1.16 Find Her and Destroy Her
1.17 The Lycan Van Escape
1.18 I Heal Instantly
1.19 You Came Back
1.20 Reclaiming the World
1.21 The Melancholy of Resistance
1.22 A New Dawn
1.23 Corner (Justin Lassen Remix)
1.24 Under Your Skin (Deadbeat Remix)
1.25 Sunrise

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