Various Artists

Various Artists: Unity Series 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Unity Series 1

Founded in 2003 The Bus Shop continues to serve the online hiphop community whose first love is Jesus Christ. Having established itself over a short span as a credible source for mainstream and underground artists the site specializes in urban Christain music, catering primarily to the sub-genres of hiphop, rb and reggae. Having being the recipient of ongoing support The Bus Shop has taken the next step in releasing The Unity Series: A series of CDs promoting talented emcees well known within the online community for delivering hits. The initial CD,First Gear, showcases the talents of hiphop mainstays such as Vizunari, Japhia Life and Rob Hodge. The title also features the production of The Holyhitmakers (Corey Red & Precise), Dert (Tunnel Rats), 4Sightsounds, 180 productions and several other notables.

1.1 Love Never Dies
1.2 Good Day
1.3 Yes Y'all
1.4 Come Along
1.5 Runnin'
1.6 The Drop
1.7 Final Hours
1.8 Wilderness
1.9 The One
1.10 All for You
1.11 On These Streetz
1.12 Come One Come All
1.13 Yes Y'all (Remix)

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