Various Artists

Various Artists: Vinyl Vic's Number 01 Rare Answer

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Vinyl Vic's Number 01 Rare Answer

1.1 San Francisco Look for Me with Flowers in My Hair
1.2 Nothing Much Tom Cat
1.3 These Spurs Are Made for Ridin
1.4 I'll Be Coming Home to You
1.5 With You
1.6 I'm the Girl on the Billboard
1.7 Yogi Man's Bikini
1.8 Yes You Can Hold My Hand
1.9 Ringo I Want to Know Your Secret
1.10 I'll Snap My Finger
1.11 Bat Skinner
1.12 Melvin
1.13 Sloop's Gonna Hang
1.14 Daddy Said
1.15 Move on Out
1.16 Sixteen Hours
1.17 Party Doll
1.18 I'm Your Soldier Boy
1.19 Army Green
1.20 Midnight Joey
1.21 Wooly Bully Rides Again
1.22 Dion My Dion
1.23 Dooley Versus Ferris Wheel
1.24 You Broke My Heart
1.25 You Can't Love Me in the Midnight Hour
1.26 I'm the Playboy
1.27 He Can't Love You
1.28 Cowgirls to Boys
1.29 Sally Bad
1.30 Bopper 486609

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