Various Artists

Various Artists: Vinyl Vic's Rare and Obscure Number 11

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Vinyl Vic's Rare and Obscure Number 11

1.1 Crawl Up and Die
1.2 Somebody Took the Crayons from My Coloring Book
1.3 Thank God I'm a Country Girl
1.4 Come Back Maybellene
1.5 Don't Want You Mabelline
1.6 She's Too Respectable
1.7 Ten Long Fingers
1.8 Growing Up Too Fast
1.9 Miss Happiness
1.10 Bobby's Hobbies
1.11 I Gotta Drive
1.12 I'm Not Gonna Worry
1.13 Bim Bam Boom
1.14 Now That I've Got You
1.15 Leotards
1.16 I Can Never Eat Home Anymore
1.17 Small Sad Sam
1.18 Baby I'm Doing It
1.19 Charlie Brown Got Expelled
1.20 Davey You Upset My Home
1.21 Never Pick a Pretty Boy
1.22 Still Raining in My Heart
1.23 Don't Want to Be a Wheel No More
1.24 If I Only Had Magic
1.25 Happy Teenager
1.26 Solitary Woman
1.27 Girlie in the Sack
1.28 Hip Kitty to Bopper
1.29 Answer to Silver Threads and Golden Needles
1.30 Your Soldier Boy
1.31 Yes I Love You

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