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Various Artists: Vocal Sketches of Our Lady of Chartres

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Vocal Sketches of Our Lady of Chartres

'Light has a voice. Pulsing to us and through us, the chants on this CD will echo deeply within the Being who recognizes, the music and words come to us as Pure Light. Listen and invite the Voice to slip beneath the surface of thought and feel the tuning and turning to Illumination and Peace. In ways meaningful and mysterious, Our Lady of Chartres drew Cantrell into the journey of Sharon Mehdi and Chartres Cathedral in France. Our Lady shared with Sharon 30 days of messages, which have become a book," The Messages". Gifted with the divine words, hearing with her own soul and heart, Cantrell has woven these messages into sacred song. These songs are an echo of the universal desire to give to all Creation it's Light. The haunting, timeless Voice invites those who hear, to listen and go deeper still to the Source.

1.1 Forgiveness Is the Heart of Healing
1.2 Know That Love Is the Only Way
1.3 As You Learn So Shall You Teach As You Teach So Shall You Learn Teach O
1.4 All Healing Is the Release from Fear ; Without Fear There Is No Need to
1.5 You Need Do Nothing Save Be An Instrument for Peace and Healing
1.6 All Minds Contain the Thought of God and Therefore All Minds Are Part O
1.7 Go in Peace and Know I Am with You Now and Always

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