Various Artists: Voices of the Humpback Whales Alaska

Various Artists: Voices of the Humpback Whales Alaska
Title: Voices of the Humpback Whales Alaska
Label: CD Baby

The Humpback Whales are vocal with sounds beyond imagination. This CD is not the familiar recordings of gentle ocean sounds and whales singing in the distance. These whales are in your face! You will hear the Humpbacks interacting with breathtaking underwater sounds and calls, the trumpeting sound of their breathing, and the water rippling off of these gentle giants bodies. Finally a CD for worldwide whale enthusiasts, where the whale calls are exciting, rapid, and sometimes startling. This CD will blow the lid off of the belief that humpbacks just sing. 'Our hope is that this collection of sounds, created by humpback whales at their feeding grounds in Alaska, will help bring attention to the fact that every person has a responsibility to protect and care for the world's oceans and their magnificent inhabitants.' Guest performances by the Transient and Resident Orcas. Included are three excellent tracks of orcas. The sonar clicks emitted by the resident pods are very intense. Total length of the CD is 64 minutes. There are 30 different tracks. The ones listed as Calls are examples of some of the regularly used sounds. Recorded in Southeast Alaska Humpback Whale feeding grounds. We may be contacted at if you have any questions or comments about this CD.

1.1 A Discussion Among Whales
1.2 Talk Whale
1.3 They're Here
1.4 They're Back
1.5 The Message
1.6 Schreech
1.7 Whale Talk
1.8 Close Encounter
1.9 Calls-1
1.10 Calls-2
1.11 Calls-3
1.12 Foggy Day Breaching
1.13 Confluence
1.14 Because I Can
1.15 The Joke
1.16 Yodeling
1.17 Calls-4
1.18 Calls-5
1.19 Calls-6
1.20 Calls-7
1.21 Calls-8
1.22 Listen
1.23 Nucleus
1.24 Bubbles
1.25 The Secret
1.26 It's What Whales Talk About
1.27 Transient Orcas Teaching
1.28 Resident Orcas on the Move
1.29 Resident Orcas Sonar
1.30 Hubble-Bubble

Various Artists: Voices of the Humpback Whales Alaska

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