Various Artists

Various Artists: War On The Workers: A Tribute To Anne Feeney

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: War On The Workers: A Tribute To Anne Feeney

1.1 War on the Workers - Adam East
1.2 Rebuild America / Keep Hope Alive - Eric Schwartz
1.3 Take Them Down - Colleen Kattau
1.4 How Much for the Life of a Miner? - Emma's Revolution
1.5 National Healthcare Now! - Brian Cutean
1.6 Have You Been to Jail for Justice? - Peter Yarrow
1.7 I Married a Hero - Holly Near
1.8 Whatever Happened to the Eight Hour Day? - Peter Wilde
1.9 Football Hero / the Glory of the Few - Dan Bern
1.10 Why Can't I Have Nintendo? - Trout Fishing in America
1.11 The Corporate Welfare Song - the Hot Nut Riveters
1.12 Shell Game - John Elliott
1.13 For Gene Debs - Amy Sue Berlin
1.14 The Power of Love - Connie Cohen
1.15 We Fought Back - Rebel Voices
1.16 You Will Answer - Evan Greer
1.17 Five Year Old Amy Sings "Take Them Down!" - Amy Sue Berlin

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