Various Artists: We Love Elvis! / Various

Various Artists: We Love Elvis! / Various
Title: We Love Elvis! / Various
Label: Righteous

UK collection of odes to the King, from besotted teensters to religious strangeness, love letter writers to eccentric enthusiasts and fad-friendly fans, Featuring incredibly wild rockabilly praise, R&B and trad country trepidation at lip curls, jealousy invoked blues and lots of love for the All American Boy. Also including a glut of novelty 45s, spiked with jilted lover jealousy, madcap schemes to take him to the Whitehouse and plenty of "zany" rationalization about his success in the charts and with the ladies. Complete from a cavalcade of no-hit wonders plus some big hitters including Bobby Bare, Chubby Checker and Eddie Cochran. Comes with musical warnings on the hazards of lip curling, hip shaking and knee trembling, a homage to the man who created the generation gap. No Elvis fan should be without it. Remastered from the original sound sources with sleevenotes by MOJO magazine's Dave Henderson.

1.1 Janis Martin - My Boy Elvis
1.2 Sonny Cole - I Dreamed I Was Elvis
1.3 Billy and Eddie - the King Is Coming Back
1.4 Lou Monte - Elvis Presley for President
1.5 Bobby Bare - All American Boy
1.6 Huey Long - Elvis Stole My Gal
1.7 Billy Boyle - My Baby's Crazy 'Bout Elvis
1.8 Bill Massey - Pink Bow Tie (And Blue Suede Shoes)
1.9 Audrey - Love Letter to Elvis... Dear Elvis (Parts 1;2)
1.10 Otto Bash - the Elvis Blues
1.11 Don Hart - Presley on Her Mind
1.12 Royce Porter - a Woman Can Make You Blue
1.13 Jimmy Woodall - Uncle Sam's Call
1.14 Jaybee Wasden - Elvis in the Army
1.15 Genee Harris - Bye Bye Elvis
1.16 The Threeteens - Dear 53310761
1.17 Billy Adams and the Rock-A-Teens- Elvis Is Rockin' Again
1.18 Julie Lang - Elvis
1.19 Felton Jarvis - Don't Knock Elvis
1.20 Carmela Rosella - Oh! It Was Elvis
1.21 Virginia Lowe - I'm in Love with Elvis Presley
1.22 Jim Ford - the Story of Elvis Presley
1.23 Chubby Checker - the Class
1.24 The Kids - Elvis and Me
1.25 Reed Harper - Oh Elvis
1.26 Pete de Bree - Hey Mr Presley
1.27 Eddie Cochran ; Holly Twins - I Want Elvis for Christmas
1.28 The Fabulous McClevertys ?- Don't Blame It on Elvis
1.29 Milt Oshins (Aka PQ Rock 'N' Roll) - All About Elvis

Various Artists: We Love Elvis! / Various

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