Various Artists

Various Artists: Where Is My Mind? A Tribute To The Pixies

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Where Is My Mind? A Tribute To The Pixies
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited color vinyl LP pressing. Reissue of a long out of print tribute to the Pixies. Originally released in 1999, this unique compilation brought many key bands of that time together for a tribute to the highly influential Pixies. Each track was hand selected and recorded independently by each band with their unique take on a Pixies track. Featuring The Get Up Kids, Braid, Sense Field, SuperDrag, Weezer, Local H, Reel Big Fish, Nada Surf, Promise Ring, and others.

1.1 Alison By Eve 6 1:24
1.2 Alec Eiffel By the Get Up Kids 3:01
1.3 Velouria By Weezer 3:54
1.4 Monkey Gone to Heaven By Far 5:04
1.5 Trompe Le Monde By Braid 2:10
1.6 Wave of Mutilation By Superdrag 2:09
1.7 Manta Ray By Teen Heroes 3:54
1.8 Tame By Local H 2:02
2.1 Gigantic By Reel Big Fish 2:30
2.2 The Holiday Song By the Siren Six! 2:55
2.3 Where Is My Mind? By Nada Surf 4:18
2.4 Gouge Away By the Promise Ring 3:00
2.5 Here Comes Your Man By Samiam 3:14
2.6 La, la, Love You By Weston 2:43
2.7 Caribou By Sense Field 3:56

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