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Various Artists: White Oak Park: Battle of Bands / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: White Oak Park: Battle of Bands / Various

White Oak Park was the site of a legendary dance pavilion which operated near York, Pa. 1961-69. This double CD captures the feel and sounds of the gruops who appeared at the venue. Many rare and unreleased tracks, along with an extensive booklet...

1.1 I'm So Sorry
1.2 Come on and Tell Me
1.3 Those Thinks Called Girls
1.4 Say You Love Me
1.5 Remember the Night
1.6 Vicky
1.7 I Couldn't Last a Day Without Your Love
1.8 I Don't Care
1.9 Blessed with a Love
1.10 Everybody's Gotta Lose Someday
1.11 I've Got to Have Her
1.12 Oo-Wee-Baby (I've Got a Girl)
1.13 Nobody Nowhere
1.14 What'd I
1.15 Cora
1.16 Karate
1.17 Guilty
1.18 Zoom Zoom Zoom
1.19 The Music Swayed
1.20 Daddy's Lonely Baby (Come on Home)
1.21 The Monkey Dance
1.22 Too Young for Me
1.23 Good Good Lovin'
1.24 The Time
1.25 Whole Lotta Soul
1.26 Human
1.27 Henry Said Goodbye
1.28 Your Mommy Lied to Your Daddy
1.29 Take This Heart
1.30 Not Again
1.31 All in My Mind

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