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Various Artists: Who I Am

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Who I Am

Brooksy has been an international teacher helping people to raise their opportunity of life for over 25 years. In alliance with his daughter Riven and wife/ally Alison, Brooks has organized "Guide of Society", an intensive that advances strong leaders into their full capacity to encourage society into alliance with Mother Nature and God. He also teaches "Art of God" for advanced leaders with priority capacity for leadership. Today, Brooks is focused with government leaders and industry innovators as a way to organize growth in society from the inside out. He supports an authentic new world of Earth where leadership is available to everyone. Jonathan Beaudette is a composer, pianist, and founder of Space Between the Notes, LLC, a music production company. His music can be heard in major motion picture trailers, films, and episodic television as well as his latest CD, Sacred Beauty.

1.1 Invitation to Be Who You Are
1.2 Changing Your Body
1.3 Opening Into Graciousness
1.4 Effect of Who You Are
1.5 Graduation of Who You Are
1.6 Abundance
1.7 Nature/World Neighborhood
1.8 Accepting Who You Are Completely
1.9 Changing Realityis Who You Are

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