Various Artists: You're Not Gonna Hurt Me (A Valentine's Day Kiss Off)

Various Artists: You&
Title: You're Not Gonna Hurt Me (A Valentine's Day Kiss Off)
Label: Essential Media Mod

Here's one for the women whose relationships with their boyfriends have gone sour - a perfect retort to those boyfriends who certainly don't deserve a Valentine's gift, let alone a Valentine's card. Let this compilation stand to empower women to kiss off those men that don't treat them with the utmost respect they deserve. Let's let some of the most iconic women soul singers such as Irma Thomas, Ruth Brown, Doris Duke, Ruby Andrews, Norma Jenkins and many others give voice to women around the world with this perfect anti-Valentine's Day message. This great collection of classic performances not only serves as a scathing anti-Valentine's Day card - it's also a compilation that will stand up for years to come as a wonderful collection of excellent music performed by powerful women with powerful voices delivering a powerful message. All of these classic performances have been newly remastered for this exclusive release. This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 I'm Moving on
1.2 You Ain't Said Nothing
1.3 I'm Sorry
1.4 Puzzle Man (Figure Me Out If You Can)
1.5 Divorce Decree
1.6 Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)
1.7 Please Don't Send Him Back to Me
1.8 Now That I'm Gone (When Are You Leaving)
1.9 Lot More of Me Leaving (Less of Me Coming Home)
1.10 You're the Dog (I Do the Barking Myself)
1.11 You're Not Gonna Hurt Me
1.12 Uh! Uh! Boy, That's a No No
1.13 Mr. Ladies Man
1.14 Dead Weight

Various Artists: You're Not Gonna Hurt Me (A Valentine's Day Kiss Off)

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