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Various Artists: Zanzibara, Vol. 3: The 1960s Sound Of Tunisia

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Zanzibara, Vol. 3: The 1960s Sound Of Tunisia

Compilation gathering Bar Jazz (Dar es-Salaam Jazz band), Morogoro jazz band (Wana Likembe), atomic jazz band, Jamhuri jazz band (Wanyama wakali), Nuta jazz band (Msondo Ngoma). Buda. 2007.

1.1 Ma Tante, S'il Pla-Moi Tes Collants (Aunt Please Lend Me Your Tights
1.2 Mon Amour, Je 'Tinterdis (My Love I Forbid You) - Nuta Jazz Band
1.3 Tout Ce Que Je T'ai Dit (Everything That I Have Told You) - Nuta Jazz Band
1.4 Ne Te Complais Pas (Don't Indulge Yourself) - Atomic Jazz Band
1.5 Essence de L'amour (The Essence of Love) - Atomic Jazz Band
1.6 Je Suis Fatigui Am Tired)
1.7 Likembe de Moro (Moro's Likembe)
1.8 Ce Que Tu Dis, Mon Amour (What You Say, My Love)
1.9 Envoie-Moi on P (Send Me to My Father) - Nuta Jazz Band
1.10 Ma Sur, Air Pitie Moi (Sister Have Mercy on Me) - Nuta Jazz Band
1.11 Instrumental No.1 - Nuta Jazz Band
1.12 J'ai Retes Salutations (I Received Your Greetings) - Atomic Jazz Band
1.13 Amoureux Insensa Foolish Lover) - Atomic Jazz Band
1.14 Tu Vas Me Duire (You Will Destroy Me)
1.15 Permission (Leave)
1.16 FR, Tu M'as Laissomber (Brother You Have Let Me Down) - Atomic Jazz Band
1.17 Ne Fais Pas Confiance Es Beaux FRS (Don't Trust Your Brothers In-

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