Various: Spamilton (Original Cast Recording)

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Artist: Various

Artist: Various
Title: Spamilton (Original Cast Recording)

2017 release. Spamilton is a joyous musical parody, in love with what it mocks, and it is a very funny show currently breaking box office records in New York. The musical theater phenomenon Hamilton, and it's geniused creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Is the object of it's witty ridicule - not the musical itself, but the phenomenon, the brand Hamilton that has taken on a life of it's own: the hopeless quest for tickets. The speculation about the film version, and most of all, the Revolution - not the political one in the 18th century, but the one on show business. Written and directed by Gerard Alessandrini, the creator of Forbidden Broadway in all twenty-five editions. Those shows are usually scathing in their humor. Unlike this one. Although an affectionate tribute to the world of musical theater is always the point: "Raise a glass to Broadway/And that's the story of tonight." If you're a Hamilton fan - or just a musical theater fan - don't miss listening to this album!

1.1 Lin-Manuel As Hamilton
1.2 Aaron Burr, Sir, Nervous-Er
1.3 His Shot
1.4 Look Around (The Schuyler Puppets)
1.5 Lin-Manuel's Quest
1.6 Ticket Beggar Woman
1.7 Straight Guy's Winter's Prom
1.8 Straight Is Back
1.9 What Did You Miss?
1.10 Ben Franklin, Sondheim ; Lin-Manuel
1.11 Daveed Diggs - the Fresh Prince of Big Hair
1.12 Rap Battle
1.13 Ticket Beggar Woman #2
1.14 Liza's 'Down with Rap'
1.15 Ticket Beggar Woman #3
1.16 In the Hype
1.17 Lin-Manuel ; J-Lo, Beyoncé ; Gloria Estefan
1.18 Book of No More Mormons
1.19 Broadway Assassins
1.20 Cool Duel
1.21 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Cries
1.22 Lin-Manuel's NYC
1.23 The Film When It Happens
1.24 Finale: Raise a Glass to Broadway
1.25 Encore: Our Shot

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