Varukers: Massacred Millions

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Varukers

Artist: Varukers
Title: Massacred Millions

First time on CD for many of these 1984-85 studio recordings, captured while the punk/hard core act were at their peak. Includes alternate versions of many of their best known songs, plus interesting rarities. 17 tracks including, 'A Lesson We Must Never Forget', 'Will They Never Learn' & 'Persistence Resistence'.

1.1 Intro
1.2 A Lesson We Must Never Forget
1.3 Massacred Millions
1.4 Will They Never Learn
1.5 Persistance Resistance
1.6 Thatchers Fortress
1.7 Animals An Animal
1.8 The Bomb Blast
1.9 We Hint at Things Nuclear
1.10 Enter of a New Phase
1.11 Will They Never Learn (Live)
1.12 Enter of a New Phase (Live)
1.13 State Enemy
1.14 Never Let Go
1.15 Fear of Mankind
1.16 Stop the Killing
1.17 In South Africa

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