Vcn Dejam

Vcn Dejam: Sub Urban Life

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Vcn Dejam

Title: Sub Urban Life
Label: CD Baby

Pianist, Composer VanCortlandt, AKA VCN DeJam, got a late start musically but soon found that music heals and transforms the inner soul, reflecting or mirroring the spiritual, visual and auditory senses. Having played numerous Jazz Festivals and music events, writing and performing in Los Angeles with notables in the industry, VanCortlandt has found another venue to share his sonic landscaping and artistic musical impressions.

1.1 Hidden Agenda
1.2 Mode de Lawn
1.3 Makin' Changes
1.4 Beach Walk
1.5 South Shore
1.6 Thinking of You
1.7 98 Percent of a Million
1.8 Shubedowa
1.9 2 Oct Tune
1.10 Dark Hair Beauty
1.11 PFNJ
1.12 Early on

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