Veal: Tilt O'Whirl

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Veal

Title: Tilt O'Whirl
Label: Six Shooter Records

Tilt O' Whirl exposes Luke Doucet for what he really is: a guitar god. Long before he saddled up and said, "Aloha, Manitoba," he was the backbone of Vancouver-based band Veal. There are indicators that Luke has a more folky side to him on this record, namely the acoustic "Buttercloud." The follow-up to it's initial release, Hot Loser, Tilt O' Whirl is when Veal honed the band's distinctive sound.

1.1 Spiderman
1.2 Skid
1.3 Peroxide
1.4 Harold's End
1.5 Graduation
1.6 Happy As Pye
1.7 Pinkos
1.8 Buttercloud
1.9 Monkey Tree
1.10 Po Black Child
1.11 Centre of the Universe
1.12 Underground
1.13 Weary Head

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