Velma Frye

Velma Frye: I Am to Someone

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Artist: Velma Frye

Artist: Velma Frye
Title: I Am to Someone

Velma Frye is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has performed nine times on Garrison Keillor\'s \'A Prairie Home Companion,\' and in 2006 went on a 6-college tour with Garrison as his pianist and vocal duet partner. She earned her Bachelor\'s and Master\'s degrees in music from the Florida State University College of Music and then performed full-time in North Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, Ohio, and Florida. She represented Tallahassee\'s Sister City Program by performing in Krasnodar, Russia, followed by two concerts in Germany. While continuing to perform and teach and write about music, Velma also leads weekly Singing Circles. These community-building skills are now featured in workshops and conferences.

1.1 I Am to Someone
1.2 My Images Come
1.3 Grandmother's Song
1.4 Terrycloth Rag
1.5 My Simple Request
1.6 Tea Olive
1.7 Moments
1.8 Courting
1.9 Jumbo Mumbo
1.10 Shores of Your Sweetness

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