Vernons Girls / Cornell, Lyn

Vernons Girls / Cornell, Lyn: Vernons Girls / Lyn Cornell

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Artist: Vernons Girls / Cornell, Lyn
Title: Vernons Girls / Lyn Cornell

The Vernons Girls were originally a choir that were formed as part of the social activities of the Liverpool-based Vernon's football Pools company. The company saw it as a unique form of promotion and initially sponsored the project. At first, the singers were drawn exclusively from the staff of young women who checked the public's pools coupons. In the event, demand for the girls to give public performances grew far beyond expectation. Remarkably, women would seek employment with Vernons simply as a means of breaking into show business. The Vernons Girls turning point came when the influential television

1.1 White Bucks ; Saddle Shoes
1.2 Lost ; Found
1.3 Ten Little Lonely Boys
1.4 Anniversary Song
1.5 The Song Is You
1.6 Rain on the Roof
1.7 I've Told Every Little Star
1.8 Over the Rainbow
1.9 Come Dance with Me
1.10 We'll Gather Lilacs
1.11 Sing for Your Supper
1.12 Lonely Ballerina
1.13 The Cuckoo in the Clock
1.14 The Boy Next Door
1.15 Dancing on the Ceiling
1.16 Song of Songs
1.17 Wyatt Erp
1.18 High Wind
1.19 Lyn Cornell
1.20 Never on Sunday
1.21 Swain Kelly
1.22 Demon Lover ?
1.23 Like Love
1.24 The Angel and the Stranger ?
1.25 Xmas Stocking
1.26 The Sweet Life ?(La Dolce Vita)
1.27 When Is Someday
1.28 African Waltz
1.29 Moanin'
1.30 I Sold My Heart to the Junk Man
1.31 Step Up and Rescue Me
1.32 Adios, My Love

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