Very Americans

Very Americans: Stereo Types

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Very Americans

Artist: Very Americans
Title: Stereo Types
Product Type: VINYL LP

Very Americans is an indie rock band from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that consists of ex-members of Junction (Art Monk Construction), The Commercials (Blackout Records), and Safari So Good (Takeover Records). The members' previous bands all have a history of releasing records on prominent indie labels, touring nationally and internationally, and have had the chance to share the stage with many influential bands in the hardcore and punk community such as Fugazi, Nation Of Ulysses, Born Against, Supertouch, Saves The Day, At The Drive In, Sensefield, Cursive, Boy Sets Fire, and Me Without You to name a few. The 'Back From The Dead 7 Inch' was the band's first release, and was released digitally and on limited edition, hand numbered, white vinyl on Ship Out Recordings. While only two songs, the 7 inch showcased the melodic nature and maturity that is present in the bands' writing. The release received many positive reviews, and the band quickly headed back to the studio to record a follow up EP. Displaying superb precision and musicianship, 'Stereo Types'' driving and atmospheric indie-rock recalls everything from the Doves' 'Lost Souls' LP to the likes of Superchunk, Sunny Day Real Estate, Radiohead, Coldplay, Chamberlain and more. After recording their forthcoming EP with renowned producer J. Robbins, the band signed with prominent indie label Eulogy Recordings where they'll be releasing their latest effort on CD and digital formats on January 21, 2014, with a special edition, hand numbered pink 12' vinyl release set for March 18th through Rock Paper Records.

1.1 Floodgates
1.2 Without a Trace
1.3 Not That Serious
1.4 Fast Planes to Rio

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