VI Wickam

VI Wickam: Long Time Comin'

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Product Type: CD
Artist: VI Wickam

Title: Long Time Comin'
Label: CD Baby

Vi's music is rooted in tradition, but not buried in the past. It's innovative, eclectic, and fun. Long Time Comin' features a new spin on traditional tunes with fresh takes on modern favorites. On the CD, which features nationally recognized Jazz vocalist Mandy Harvey, you'll find a little bit o' swing, a little more funk, beautiful ballads, and some down and dirty blues (NOW with MORE COWBELL!). Fortunately, the album is a lot more cohesive than this disjointed press release makes it sound. AS SEEN ON TV! VI Wickam is an accomplished fiddler who has won contests all over the United States. Vi is a composer, songwriter, and he even sings. He's from a musical family; the Wickam Family Band played all around Northern Colorado, including 3 years as the house band on the nationally syndicated but now retired Blinky's Fun Club. Vi is an entertaining and engaging performer. Long Time Comin' features a cast of expert musicians: Brent Hawley on knock-your-socks-off acoustic guitar, Jim Abraham's toenail-singeing electric bass, and Chris Beers' tasty drummin'. The siren voices of Mandy Harvey, Kristianne Gale, and Kimberly Schug add Polish and will melt you in your seat. Review: Vi Wickam is right. This album is a long time comin'. I've known Vi since we were wide-eyed "contest kids" running around at the National Old-Time Fiddlers' Contest, watching the late night jams and hoping to make our fiddles sound even a little like those of our heroes. We had so many of the same heroes, but until I listened to this album, this eclectic, inspiring recording, I had no idea Vi's were so diverse. Every song blazes a new trail, but manages to never lose sight of the road already traveled. His treatment of these songs is fun and surprising and yet so comforting and familiar. Some people say you can tell a lot about the sound of someone's music by the expression on his face. You know that smile you see on Vi's face every time you run into him? You can hear it in every song. I'm so excited that he finally put that smile on record for everyone to enjoy. - Megan Lynch, National Fiddle Champion.

1.1 Turkey in the Straw
1.2 Bitter Sweet
1.3 Cripple Creek
1.4 Milk Cow Blues
1.5 I Will
1.6 Rainbow Connection
1.7 Honeysuckle Rose
1.8 Hangman's Reel
1.9 Forked Deer
1.10 Midnight on the Water / Bonaparte's Retreat
1.11 Be Thou My Vision
1.12 Summertime
1.13 Moonlight Over the Rockies
2.1 Tracks: 1. Turkey in the Straw 2. Bitter Sweet 3. Cripple Creek
2.2 4. Milk Cow Blues 5. I Will 6. Rainbow Connection 7. Honeysuckle Rose
2.3 8. Hangmans Reel 9. Forked Deer 10. Midnight on the Water / Bonaparte's Retreat
2.4 11. Be Thou My Vision 12. Summertime 13. Moonlight Over the Rockies

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