Vibes on Velvet

Vibes on Velvet: Thirteen Ways to Ecstasy

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Artist: Vibes on Velvet

Artist: Vibes on Velvet
Title: Thirteen Ways to Ecstasy

All 3 players came from established Denver-based bands; Megan (aka GoGo) Wise played the cocktail drum kit with cow-punk legend, Buckwild while finishing her degree in music performance. Susan Phelan also played with Buckwild, and hard-rockers Rexway. She currently plays with singer/songwriter Angie Stevens and the Beautiful Wreck, and most recently singing and playing guitar with the new hard-rock band, Baretta . Tony 'Nascar' Asnicar started playing in the Denver scene 4 years ago with the country band, The Calf Branders with Lance Bakemeyer of the Hillbilliy Hellcats, then was hired on by the hard-country band, The Railbenders. Tony still plays with both bands as well as with Susan in Baretta. Megan and Susan discovered they had a mutual love of jazz, country, blues, surf, and exotica and wanted to put together a small combo that somehow incorporated all these styles. Although known only for his country guitar work, they discovered Tony also shared their eclectic musical tastes and asked him to join them. However, Tony shamefully couldn't make heads or tails out of jazz charts. So he began writing all the original tunes trying to mix all these styles. Under the influence of perhaps one too many Mai-Tais, Vibes on Velvet became a unique blend of Lionel Hampton, Henry Mancini, Martin Denny, The Ventures, and Chet Atkins. Here's music with the wonderful, silvery tone of the vibes, and with darker colors of a jazzy guitar and powerful upright bass. This is smooth, easy-going music, that swings and surfs. Gogo has a wild, free-blowing style that sends vibvacious chills down your spine, Tony shows his sensitivity and artistry in flights on his romantic tunes, Susan Phelan will send you into a spell-binding fantasy of cocktails and perfectly tanned island women. Few bands play a mix of jazz, country, exotica, surf, and meld together into their own sound.

1.1 Spookmaster
1.2 Ink Mysterioso
1.3 Gypsy Cab
1.4 Bus Pass
1.5 Caravan
1.6 Jorge's Basement
1.7 Fever
1.8 Silver Hearse
1.9 Topsy
1.10 Blue Hooves
1.11 Tainted Bells
1.12 Giblets
1.13 Hit the Bricks

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