Victor Krummenacher: Patriarch's Blues

Victor Krummenacher: Patriarch&
Title: Patriarch's Blues
Label: CD Baby

VICTOR KRUMMENACHER (CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN CO-FOUNDER) TO RELEASE SIXTH FULL-LENGTH SOLO ALBUM "PATRIARCH'S BLUES" ON OCTOBER 28TH "PATRIARCH'S BLUES" RECORDED LIVE-IN-THE-STUDIO AS A MUSICAL WAKE IN HONOR OF THE PASSING OF TWO FATHER FIGURES Every so often in music, the loss of a loved one seems to evoke some of the most passionate and moving creations from deep within an artist. The Arcade Fire proved this on their magnificent 2004 debut, Funeral, and, prior to that, Lou Reed delivered two strong rock eulogies, Magic & Loss and Songs for Drella (a tribute to the late Andy Warhol from both Reed and The Velvet Underground's John Cale). Such is also the case for Victor Krummenacher (bassist and co-founder of the influential indie-rock band Camper Van Beethoven) on his sixth full-length solo effort, Patriarch's Blues. Krummenacher not only lost his own father last Halloween, but just three weeks later his stepfather also passed away, leaving a deep emotional void within the artist. "It's hard to explain what you go through when you lose your first parent, your dad," the musician admitted. "It's harder to explain what happens when you lose both of your father figures in three weeks. It's been over six months, and I still feel it. Everyone in my family does. And anybody who has been through loss like this knows those feelings linger." Like many other great artists throughout history, Krummenacher is capable of channeling his pain and emotions through his chosen medium - music. Gathering producer Bruce Kaphan and a stable of talented musicians (including fellow CVB veterans, Jonathan Segel, Greg Lisher and David Immerglück, as well as Alison Faith Levy of The Sippy Cups, among others) he decided to use the recording studio as the setting for a musical wake in honor of his two lost father figures. Recorded in just two days, this 'wake' has yielded the most powerful collection of songs from Krummenacher's entire recording career - a timeless collection of soul-searching compositions that dig deep into the Great American Songbook. While much of this effort is steeped heavily in the blues - with numbers such as the traditional "Motherless Child" and "Funeral Blues," which marries Victor's music (as well as a blistering lead guitar from Immerglück) with the bittersweet lyrics from W.H. Auden's moving poem of the same name - the musician also traverses the byways of Americana music on the title track, as well as "Where Do The Faithless Angels Sleep?" and the harrowing "I'll Meet You In Paradise." It's not long, however, before Victor & company pick up the pieces by joyously second-lining through the percussive New Orleans-flavored instrumental "Hanes Goes Home," as well as delivering a rollicking, upbeat version of W.C. Handy's time-honored classic "St. Louis Blues" (a song chosen for this collection as his father was a native of The Gateway City). Two of the album's most affecting and touching songs are "Lay This Body Down" (a number which can be traced back to Civil War-era African-American soldiers) and a beautiful and majestic version of James McMurtry's "Gulf Road" - both which are given even more depth and soul from Levy's angelic harmonies. As Krummenacher readily admits," This is as raw, and real as I've ever managed to get in the studio, and sharing this experience musically wound up being the most rewarding recording I've ever been involved in. So oddly, great pain has yielded a great gift. In spite of hard times, I'm a lucky bastard." And with an arresting album as emotionally-charged as Patriarch's Blues - one that not only evokes a tremendous sense of loss, but, more importantly, the healing power of music - it turns out we're all a bit luckier.

1.1 Where Do the Faithless Angels Sleep? - Victor Krummenacher, Krummenacher, Victo
1.2 Patriarch's Blues - Victor Krummenacher, Krummenacher, Victo
1.3 Funeral Blues - Victor Krummenacher, Auden, WH
1.4 The Cock Crows at Sunrise - Victor Krummenacher, Krummenacher, Victo
1.5 Motherless Child - Victor Krummenacher, Traditional
1.6 Gulf Road - Victor Krummenacher, McMurtry, James
1.7 Saint Louis Blues - Victor Krummenacher, Handy, WC
1.8 Lay This Body Down - Victor Krummenacher, Traditional
1.9 Hanes Goes Home - Victor Krummenacher, Hanes, John
1.10 I'll Meet You in Paradise - Victor Krummenacher, Krummenacher, Victo
1.11 A Coin for the Ferryman - Victor Krummenacher, Krummenacher, Victo

Victor Krummenacher: Patriarch's Blues

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