Victor Villarreal

Victor Villarreal: Sleep Talk

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Victor Villarreal
Title: Sleep Talk
Product Type: VINYL LP

Best known as the pioneering guitarist behind the legendary groups Cap'n Jazz and Owls, Victor Villarreal is one of the most inventive guitarists of modern indie-rock. "Sleep Talk" is Villarreal's second proper solo effort, recorded live in the studio, with Victor simultaneously performing guitar, percussion and vocals.

1.1 Whoever "Everyone" Might Be
1.2 My Halucidaydream
1.3 Dirtbkie Girls
1.4 A Mad Dad Dash
1.5 Karoshi
1.6 "That Familiar Band" Song
1.7 Wade and Beware
1.8 Yubari King

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