Victoria Galinsky: One Bean Taco to Go

Victoria Galinsky: One Bean Taco to Go
Title: One Bean Taco to Go
Label: CD Baby

When I make bean tacos, I like to whip the beans, add some cheese, sour cream, salsa, and cucumbers. But who cares? This album has nothing to do with food anyways. It's a symbol of my return to the light.. The light being the SUN. There is no SUN like the RAYS of Arizona. God bless the Rays of Arizona. She greets me in the morning. She scares away the Boogie man at night. The Coyotes hide underground. She is my weapon. Sharper than a knife. Without the SUN there is no Life. The SUN is LIFE. Nothing grows without her. Birds only sing when the sun shines. Tell the SUN, Thankyou for life when you wake up. She can hear you.... My new website is

1.1 Bittersweet Wine
1.2 Come Inside
1.3 It's Up to You
1.4 The Dead
1.5 I Was a Child
1.6 Sees After Me
1.7 Tomorrow
1.8 Tell Me Mr. Son

Victoria Galinsky: One Bean Taco to Go

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