Victoria Vox

Victoria Vox: Exact Change

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Artist: Victoria Vox

Artist: Victoria Vox
Title: Exact Change

INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS 'Vox Pop' WINNER - Adult Contemporary Album of the Year!! Non-limited Edition version of 2010 Exact Change. No Shrinkwrap. Victoria Vox is a member of 1% For the Planet and donates 1% of all her sales to non-profits who are in business for Earth. Produced by Mike Tarantino Victoria Vox: ukulele, vocals, mouth trumpet, trumpet, accordion case, squeezebox Aaron Keim: guitars, banjo, bass, sticks, alto horn Mike Tarantino: bass, guitars, music stand, synth Scott McCormick: accordion, piano, organ, wood blocks, vocals Scott Aller: drums and percussion Neil McCormick: bass additional vocals: Karen Sandler, Jon Reitzes, Alanna Rutherford.

1.1 Summertime
1.2 Mon CH Ri
1.3 Oh I Wonder
1.4 Beautiful Home
1.5 Mother Nature
1.6 Intermission
1.7 Technicolor Way
1.8 La Musique
1.9 French Caf
1.10 Make a Mess
1.11 Shake It Up
1.12 The Birds

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