Victorious: Dinosaur Warfare: Legend Of The Powersaurus

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Victorious

Title: Dinosaur Warfare: Legend Of The Powersaurus
Label: Massacre

Deep from the age of the prehistoric dinosaurs comes VICTORIUS - saving the world from a fucking alien invasion. Alongside the Holy Dinoforce, these five madmen play Jurassic Power Metal with lots of high tech stuff and laser cannons! Grown up in Leipzig, Germany, VICTORIUS played their first shows on a quest with epic battles against demons and dragons, forming touring alliances with bands like Grave Digger, Van Canto or Freedom Call. From 2004 until 2017, they gathered thousands of supporters all over the planet in preparation for the most epic showdown in modern prehistoric history: dinosaurs versus aliens. Slay the alien scum! "Dinosaur Warfare - Legend Of The Power Saurus" is the fifth release of the band from Leipzig, Germany, and their first ever concept album. The brilliant sound of the EP's predecessor, "Heart Of The Phoenix" (2017), has been developed further and was upgraded with a lot of fitting sound effects, which add to the special atmosphere of this release. You'll find all of VICTORIUS' trademarks - a catchy and varied songwriting, the unique voice of front man David Baßin and a plethora of up-tempo power metal smashers - on this EP! The guitars deliver melodies galore, and the drums and bass hit the pedal to the metal from the very first until the last minute. Choirs as well as orchestral elements add another layer to this epic EP. "Dinosaur Warfare - Legend Of The Power Saurus" is a lot of fun!

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