Videodrones: Nattens Haevn

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Videodrones

Title: Nattens Haevn
Label: El Paraiso Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Nattens Hævn, the second album from Danish synth-improv duo Videodrones, dives deeper into their brand of throbbing synth themes from the goriest movies that never was. It's easy to hear the starting point of Videodrones: from Italian composers such as Fabio Frizzi, Marcello Giombini, Riz Ortolani, or even Morricone and Alessandroni at their most industrial. But Videodrones add a touch of previously unheard madness to their Giallo-themed synth-gasms. Based largely on improvisation, Videodrones tosses and turns - it's like the thing is alive. Leaving a slimy trail of electronic musical styles in their wake, there's toxic levels of Italio disco, German kosmische music, new age, even some stabs at holy grails of '70s and '80s pop. The record culminates in a synth-proto-doom track, "Nattens Hævn" ("Revenge of the Night"). Videodrones improvisations are far from boring: chopped into smaller bits the album is of a suite-like nature. Keeping the odd, jagged energy of improvisation, every part adds to a whole, larger narrative.

1.1 The Jugular Gate
1.2 Maniac City
1.3 Institute
1.4 Dream Within a Dream
1.5 Hero
1.6 A Column
1.7 Mørkets Rædsler
1.8 Night Dome
1.9 Gate 2
1.10 A Blade in Your Mind
1.11 Domains
1.12 Shape Shifter
1.13 Nattens HÆVN

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