Vieru: Anatol Vieru

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Artist: Vieru

Artist: Vieru
Title: Anatol Vieru

For the Rumanian composer Anatol Vieru, every hour he lived and every note he committed to paper must have seemed like a miracle when he thought back to a particular day in June 1941. Romania had entered the war against the Soviet Union on Germany's side, and had agreed to take part in the Nazi regime's extermination of European Jewry. When all the male Jews in Iasi were told to assemble, Anatol was able to flee with his father and brother. Thousands of others were cruelly murdered. In later years Vieru never spoke of this in public. After World War II had come to an end, Vieru first studied at the Bucharest School of Music. He first drew attention in the West in 1962 by winning the Prix International Reine Marie-Jose in Geneva with his First Cello Concerto. In 1973 he witnessed the birth of his Simfonia II, whose the opening movement, 'Tachycardie' (heart palpitations), finds acrid rhythms colliding with luminous sheets of sound '... it belongs, it doesn't belong...'The constructive principle behind Vieru's music, according to Thomas Beimel, is based on tiny modes with which he allegorically depicts the social processes of inclusion and exclusion along the lines of set theory: it belongs, it doesn't belong, it has features in common. This allegory reflects Vieru's own threatened existence - his 'Jewish identity', of course, but also his later identity as a Rumanian artist subject to the strict surveillance and control of the regime.

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