Vin Blanc

Vin Blanc: Chroma Key

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Artist: Vin Blanc

Artist: Vin Blanc
Title: Chroma Key

Vin Blanc is the solo debut of Menomena and 31Knots guitarist and vocalist Joe Haege. Chroma Key was recorded during the last 31Knots European tour with Joe composing the beats and synth sounds on his laptop in the van. From there, Joe added instrumentation and vocals eliciting an album structured in 80s synth music and the unusual blend of prog rock and classicism that has defined 31Knots. Limited to 500 copies.

1.1 Tiger Stripe Wishlist
1.2 Isn't It a Pity
1.3 The Party Never Started
1.4 The Safest Place to Be
1.5 Magnet's Dance
1.6 Red Thread
1.7 Out of Context
1.8 $100 Billz
1.9 No Praise
1.10 Forgotten Blood Loose
1.11 Ode to Tim Capello

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