Vin Downes

Vin Downes: Skies & Openings

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Artist: Vin Downes

Artist: Vin Downes
Title: Skies & Openings

'Skies and Openings' is the first recording by fingerstyle guitarist Vin Downes. It is comprised of eleven original songs with influences of Americana, Blues, Classical, Folk and Jazz. It includes eight solo performances and three pieces with guest musicians Lois Carpenter on bass, Mike Fumento on drums, and Jeffrey Young on violin. 'Skies and Openings' is the culmination of years spent exploring fingerstyle guitar. It is a mix of styles and moods in a pure acoustic setting.

1.1 Skies ; Openings
1.2 Words Over Us
1.3 Climb
1.4 Never Far from Here
1.5 So She Spins
1.6 On Eastern Tack
1.7 Kian's Blues
1.8 Pen City Rag
1.9 No Returning
1.10 Mudshine
1.11 Sachem Road, Goodbye

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