Vincenzo Thoma

Vincenzo Thoma: Romantico

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Artist: Vincenzo Thoma

Artist: Vincenzo Thoma
Title: Romantico

Singer and Songwriter Vincenzo Thoma was born in Rome, but has called Montreal home for several years. A true talent in the music industry, he's written for several well-known artists including Laura Fabian, Mia Martini, Filippa Giordano, Gigi Finzio and many others. His voice has also made it to the big screen, when he played the voice of Aladdin singing in Italian in the adaptation of the Walt Disney classic. He was also a chorister for Riccardo Cocciante as part of the cast of the musical Beati Voi with actor Enrico Montesano and also participated in the television show Fantastico on the RAI channel. Thoma's latest project is his new album, Romantico, a 13-track album enhanced with the official MV of "Non ballero mai piu", includes some of the most famous love songs by artists such as Phil Collins, Elton John, Sting, Billy Joel, Diane Warren and George Michael, all who have given approval to use their songs. The outcome is a collection of beautifully readapted songs in Italian by Vincenzo Thoma.

1.1 Non Ballero Mai Pi [Careless Whisper]
1.2 Guardami Un Po [Against All Odds]
1.3 Io Ti Guarder [Every Breath You Take]
1.4 Se Ami Una Donna [Have You Ever Loved a Woman]
1.5 Dirsi Mi Dispiace [Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word]
1.6 Lei [Tous Les Visages de L Amour]
1.7 Torna Da Me [Unbreak My Heart]
1.8 Da Solo Io [All By Myself]
1.9 Fragile [Fragile]
1.10 Goodbye Norma Jean [Candle in the Wind]

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