Vinegar Tasters

Vinegar Tasters: Civil Discourse

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Vinegar Tasters

Title: Civil Discourse
Label: CD Baby

Boulder, Colorado based Vinegar Tasters attempts to break down barriers surrounding traditional discourse in the world. Blending musical styles and incorporating many influences, their intent is give listeners a new way of thinking accompanied by a new style of music. The painting 'The Vinegar Tasters' (sometimes known by other titles) is a classic Chinese allegorical artwork depicting the three dominant modes of philosophy in Chinese tradition. Each philosopher, tasting life and the world, interprets it differently, yet they are not incompatible. We try to foster that type of outlook about the world and try to bring together peoples with different backgrounds around a common love of music. As with the painting, each listener will get out of the music something different than their neighbor or friend.

1.1 Drifting Along
1.2 Climb!
1.3 On a Starry Night
1.4 Lullaby Cinema Radio
1.5 47 Ways
1.6 Shadows Within Smile Back
1.7 New Sun Rising
1.8 Walk on, Old Friend
1.9 The Most Precious of Days

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