Vintage Mandolin Quartet

Vintage Mandolin Quartet: Back in Time

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Artist: Vintage Mandolin Quartet
Title: Back in Time

I found everything I was looking for and love on this recording. Music impeccably played with taste in a variety of styles from different time periods arranged to showcase the musicianship while honoring the melody -- interesting selections played on a wide variety of spectacular period instrument, each with their own unique sounds. No gimmicks, just good music treated with respect. Scott Tichenor Mandolin Cafe This latest recording issued by The Vintage Mandolin Quartet of Nashville, Tennessee provides a fine mix of classical, Italian, and popular music, as well as fiddle tunes and a Beatles composition, with instruments and arrangements harking back to the Golden Era of mandolin orchestras from the turn-of-the-century onwards to the 1920's. Rob Haines on mandolin and John Hedgecoth on mandocello are the two surviving members of the original Nashville Mandolin Ensemble founded by Butch Baldassari in 1990. They are joined by William "Tiger' Fitzhugh on guitar and Ron de la Vega on bass and mandobass to provide well-orchestrated skillfully performed renditions of tunes -- many of which are familiar but rendered in instrumental arrangements, some of which are markedly different from the original compositions -- bringing a new dimension to the music. The combination of skilled players with in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the fine vintage instruments demonstrates the great versatility of mandolin family instruments for a wide variety of different musical styles. This recording presents great musical compositions, creative arrangements, and fine musicianship for an enjoyable listening experience. George Gruhn Gruhn Guitars.

1.1 Bolero Op. 26 #1 (Calace)
1.2 My Romance
1.3 Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
1.4 Funiculi, Funicula
1.5 Ah, Marie!
1.6 El Choclo
1.7 If I Fell
1.8 Fieldston March
1.9 Speak Softly Love (Godfather Theme)
1.10 Texas Foxtrot
1.11 Ave Maria
1.12 Butterfly / Swallowtail Jig
1.13 Stardust

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