Vintage Radio Gods

Vintage Radio Gods: Destination Nowhere

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Artist: Vintage Radio Gods
Title: Destination Nowhere

Vintage Radio Gods (VRG) was originally founded in London, Ky by brothers Chris and Nick Hatter in January 2006. They are now based out of Nashville, Tn. The members of VRG have a lot of experience in writing, performing, and competing in many diverse bands. Jason Fox, their front man, writes originals and has a rocker's voice and the soul necessary to back it up. Lead guitar guru Chris Hatter skillfully sustains the magic with wicked licks and leads that make a raw creation into a masterpiece. Clayton Griffin, of Memphis, TN, is a seasoned player in various genres of music. He brings his own personal version of the "Memphis groove". Clayton's personality in the rhythm section brings new depth and dimension to the band, and new possibilities for growth. Finally, the guy in the back seat, center stage, is the Engineer driving this Rock-n-Roll train, drummer Nick Hatter. Nick is the heartbeat, the life blood who delivers the beats that hold it all together and take the band and the audience into the dark and back again. All are gifted songwriters and musicians, who bring something new, original and fresh to the Nashville music scene.

1.1 Last of Days
1.2 Life on the Interstate
1.3 Drive
1.4 Reign of Destiny
1.5 Too Late
1.6 It
1.7 Merry Go 'Round
1.8 Made Me
1.9 Burn Out
1.10 She'll Never Know

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