Violents: Awake And Pretty Much Sober

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Violents

Title: Awake And Pretty Much Sober
Label: PTKF

Awake and Pretty Much Sober is the debut full-length album from multi-instrumentalist and producer Jeremy Larson, AKA Violents, and vocalist Monica Martin (of Phox). Colorful, effervescent, honest, and emotive, the record turns the traditional duets album on it's head, offering up it's own version of electronic-influenced pop music along the way. The pair recorded Awake and Pretty Much Sober in Nashville. Different backgrounds of the team taking part in recording came together on album highlights like How It Left, where an R&B groove run beneath airy, atmospheric synths, and Equal Powers, a slow-motion dance song that blends computerized drums and orchestral washes of strings with Martin's own elastic voice.

1.1 Awake and Pretty Much Sober
1.2 Line Lie
1.3 How It Left
1.4 Unraveling
1.5 Spark
1.6 Second Class
1.7 Equal Powers
1.8 Fair
1.9 Hue
1.10 It Won't Stop

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