Virga Joe

Virga Joe: Stardust Land

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Artist: Virga Joe

Artist: Virga Joe
Title: Stardust Land

They would have stayed all night, but, as the adage goes, it's good to leave'em wanting more. Joe Virga's heartfelt songs, and John B. Butler's humorous and cutting lyrics and great strumming by both, kept a full house late into the evening at Luna Star. With Joe's new CD Star Dust Land still hot from the wrapper, he was very strong and in full voice for the whole evening, maybe even stronger toward the end. His closing song, My Father's America, is especially touching and poignant and speaks to all of us who trace our roots to family members who passed Lady Liberty on their way into our nation; he nailed that memory and connection. And when you realize that Joe recorded this beautiful and touching song in 1987, you can understand the depth and breadth of his talent and level of accomplishment. It is unfortunate in our society that credentials instead of actual quality often determine our judgement of someone's professional standing. Because Joe did not come to our folk community with major national or even local exposure and notice, he has not received the acclaim or appreciation he warrants. Any who can now listen to his CD and watch him in a performance focused on his work can judge for themselves how far Joe's forty year musical journey has taken him. He will not be found wanting. His new song Cabbage Key alone should grab the national attention he deserves. A big man with a big heart and a very big voice. His songs are strong and meaningful. - Sarasota Folk Festival 2010 A modern day Pavarotti type voice singing his original songs. His singing voice is projected with operatic volume and thrust. In very rough terms, the sound is like Roy Orbison (one of his heroes) mixed with Luciano Pavarotti. - Evan Willaims Florida Weekly Performed at Sarasota Folk Festival 2010, The South Florida Roundup, and The LunaSXtar Cafe.

1.1 Stardust Land
1.2 Cabbage Key
1.3 A Prayer for the Living
1.4 For the Family's Good
1.5 Free and Clean
1.6 Warriors and Music
1.7 Let's Go to the Islands
1.8 Tender Loving Lies
1.9 I'll Be Home Tonight
1.10 Windows of the World
1.11 Carnation Flower

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