Virgil Rodgers

Virgil Rodgers: Enelram

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Artist: Virgil Rodgers

Artist: Virgil Rodgers
Title: Enelram

LOVE IS LIKE: is a tune with a funky beat and it swings for the trumpet solo. Love is like many things. Virgil: Trumpet & VocalENELRAM: This song, played by a quartet, expresses my experiences in North Africa. Virgil: TrumpetFEEL'N FREE: is about a wish list for many men. Virgil: Trumpet, Vocal & Conga DrumsIN LOVE WITH YOU BABY: is a Blues Waltz, about a guy in love with his lady all day long except...........Virgil: Trumpet, Vocal & DrumsSTEP'N: Is a happy tune with a animated groove. Good listening Virgil: TrumpetHERE WITHOUT YOU: is a Ballad with a 6/8 feel. It tells good story of a lost love. Virgil: Trumpet, Vocal & DrumsTHE PEARL: is a Blues written in a minor mode. It tells how greed and selfishness destroys so many Pearls (People) and keep them from developing to their fullest potential. Virgil: Trumpet, Vocal & DrumsYOU'LL NEVER KNOW: is a nice little tune with a Latin bridge. Virgil: Trumpet, Vocal & DrumsENELRAM: This is a Big Band performance (the title of the CD) at the Malibu Jazz Festival in Malibu CA. Virgil: Trumpet THIS CD IS IN MEMORY OF MY WIFE MARLENE.

1.1 Love Is Like
1.2 Enelram (Quartet)
1.3 Feel'n Free
1.4 I'm in Love with Baby
1.5 Step'n
1.6 Here Without You
1.7 The Pearl
1.8 You'll Never Know
1.9 Enelram (Big Band)

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