Vita Ruins

Vita Ruins: Day Without a Name

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Vita Ruins

Title: Day Without a Name
Label: CD Baby

The Vita Ruins are an indie band based out of Washington D.C, started by Tim Kratzer (Vocal, Guitars, Bass and Keyboards) and Greg Balleza (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals) in 2005. Since 2007, the band has built their own recording studio where they were able to self-engineer, mix and produce the album, capturing the nuanced sound that defines their style. While neither had any formal training or background in recording and sound engineering, they successfully self-taught themselves the entire process from the first steps of instrument tracking all the way through mixing, editing and producing before sending the final mix downs out for mastering. 'A certain paranoia runs through the songs of local trio the Vita Ruins. Foreboding electronics linger under the surface of most songs on the band's new album, 'A Day Without a Name,' while the atmospheric guitars and moaning vocals add a hint of desperation. Think of the band as a less bombastic version of Muse; the message that we're living in a hopeless, future age is similar, but instead of combating that dire situation with overblown histrionics as Muse does, Vita Ruins soaks up those anxieties and piles on more layers of sound.' -Washington Post 'With their chainsaw guitars, atmospheric overtones, and sultry vocal track, The Vita Ruins are a band that should gain attention with their debut release, A Day Without A Name. After picking up shows around the DC area and finally taking it to the studio, we're left with 11 fresh tracks that produce a balance of euphoria and disdain, assertion and reflection, highs and lows.' -Murmur DC 'Building their own recording studio isn't the only evidence of the Vita Ruins' dedication to their music. Every note and effect on this album feels as though it is in precisely the right place, and every second that needs to be is filled with as much sound as possible. The Vita Ruins effectively blend fuzzy guitars and funky electronic beats, creating ambient atmospheres and rocking moments. A Day Without A Name has a unique sound and is a cohesive and enjoyable album.'

1.1 Godspeed to That Polytheist
1.2 Seven Suns
1.3 The Purpose of Life
1.4 All the Kids Must Be Sleeping
1.5 Griggs' Diagnosis
1.6 I Was Hoping That Our Stardust Was in Some Way Connected
1.7 ... Like a Band of Strangers
1.8 Coffin Dodgers
1.9 Rabid Men
1.10 Alien
1.11 Bad Dream

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