Vivaldi / Marca / Carmignola

Vivaldi / Marca / Carmignola: Le Quattro Stagioni

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Artist: Vivaldi / Marca / Carmignola
Title: Le Quattro Stagioni
Product Type: VINYL LP

With an outstanding freshness and clarity, the "Sonatori", together with the brilliant soloviolinist Giuliano Carmignola, evoke the most colorful images of Italian landscapes and tell stories of the eternal cycle of nature with their sounds. From the first to the last note, the program of Vivaldi's work is performed and inspired with the utmost pleasure, and even the most virtuosic passages come off with an enchanting ease you can't get enough of. "One of the 10 greatest recordings of the Century, you've got to get this. Forget all other versions, no matter how much they've pleased in the past." (In Tune Magazine)

1.1 I. Allegro
1.2 II. Largo E Pianissimo Sempre
1.3 III. Danza Pastorale. Allegro
1.4 I. Allegro Non Molto
1.5 II. Adagio - Presto
1.6 III. Presto
2.1 I. Allegro
2.2 II. Adagio
2.3 III. Allegro
2.4 I. Allegro Non Molto
2.5 II. Largo
2.6 III. Allegro

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