Vl Trio

Vl Trio: New Season

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Vl Trio

Title: New Season
Label: Round Whirled Rec.

Vission Latina trio is a unique group of virtuoso musicians who have stripped down their music to a minimalist sound, exposing the threads that weave together the complex rhythms of Cuban music. Marco Diaz, Carlos Caro and Saul Sierra bring together an amazing array of musical resources. They have accompanied artists in every genre at the highest level from folkloric music to modern jazz and hip hop. In this collaboration, with producer Greg Landau, they create a sensitive and stark vision of Cuban music, bringing to the surface many of the nuances usually buried under layers of polyrhythm. Lovers of Cuban music won't miss the groove and raw energy in these intimate recordings, but instead will appreciate the subtle brush strokes and colorings that the musicians use to create minimalist textures and sketches of Cuban music.

1.1 Aguita de Coco
1.2 Cuesta Arriba
1.3 Twice for Me
1.4 El Regreso
1.5 Tu Beso
1.6 No Me Controles
1.7 New Season
1.8 Juntos
1.9 Contigo
1.10 Blues Mio
1.11 Your Embrace

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