Voivod: To the Death 84

Voivod: To the Death 84
Title: To the Death 84
Label: Alternative Tentacle

Archive release from the Metal veterans containing the previously unreleased to the Death demo-only album from January 1984. Voivod formed in 1983, with a weird hybrid of thrash metal and punk-a sound that made them stand out as a unique band from the beginning. Still together after almost 30 years, having made more than a dozen albums and toured the world, the Canadian group reaches back to the beginning of their career for their first Alternative Tentacles release. Voivod began as four friends who met in high school and decided to get together to play some heavy music. Growing up in Northern Quebec in an aluminum factory area called Saguenay (which they dubbed 'Morgoth Land'), they shared a liking of Venom, Motörhead, Tank, Discharge and GBH, as well as obscure prog and krautrock bands like Van Der Graaf Generator, Faust and Can. They were scared of the threat of a nuclear war and Reagan-era concepts such as the Strategic Defense Initiative, and had a dystopian view of the future.

1.1 Voivod
1.2 Condemned to the Gallows
1.3 Hell Driver
1.4 Live for Violence
1.5 War and Pain
1.6 Incantation
1.7 Buried Alive / Suck Your Bone
1.8 Blower
1.9 Slaughter in a Grave
1.10 Nuclear War
1.11 Black City
1.12 Iron Gang
1.13 Evil
1.14 Bursting Out
1.15 Warriors of Ice

Voivod: To the Death 84

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