Vojd: The Outer Ocean

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Artist: Vojd

Artist: Vojd
Title: The Outer Ocean

2018 release. With Goin' Under and Shadowline the Swedish band Black Trip had released two classic metal albums to great critical acclaim. When drummer Jonas Wikstrand was replaced by Anders Bentell, the band, now consisting of Joseph Tholl (vocals and bass), Peter Stjärnvind (guitar) and Linus Björklund (guitar), decided to make a fresh start by changing their name to Vojd. "With the new line-up and the new material, we felt that we wanted to start a new chapter in a way," analyzes vocalist Joseph Tholl. He adds: "I still see the new album as the third album, a follow up to Black Trip's Shadowline, though this new one contains a lot of stuff we haven't tried before. The significant elements of Black Trip are recurring throughout the album, though the variety between the songs is much broader this time around, in all directions." The name of Vojd's first album is The Outer Ocean. There is quite a big difference in sound, style and execution between Vojd and Black Trip. Vojd are much more classic rock than Black Trip ever were, and much less traditional heavy metal.

1.1 Break Out
1.2 Delusions in the Sky
1.3 Secular Wire
1.4 The Outer Ocean
1.5 Vindicated Blues
1.6 On An Endless Day of Everlasting Winter
1.7 Heavy Skies
1.8 On the Run
1.9 Dream Machine
1.10 Walked Me Under
1.11 To the Light

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