Voltaire: Almost Human

Voltaire: Almost Human
Title: Almost Human
Label: Projekt Records

2018 release. The dark angel returns for his second release. Spontaneously full of mirth and dark humor, Almost Human blurs the gap between the 18th and 21st centuries. This is pop music for a parallel universe, where Morrissey is the Queen of England and electricity was never discovered. Cleverly combining classical instruments with present-day song structures, Voltaire's New Wave band from the Victorian Era cavort through a cabaret suitable for the most contemporary of dance floors. It's a lighthearted look at life from the perspective of God's angelic cast-off, Lucifer, driven by pride to attempt the first failed coup in history. Singing in a deep, velvety croon with all the passion, sorrow and bitterness of a fallen angel, Voltaire has crafted an album full of haunting Old World melodies and memorable pop tunes that you won't be able to get out of your head without a guillotine.

1.1 Out of Reach
1.2 Dunce
1.3 Feathery Wings
1.4 Almost Human
1.5 God Thinks
1.6 Anastasia
1.7 Dead Girls
1.8 Underground
1.9 Ringo No Uta
1.10 The Headless Waltz
1.11 Alchemy Mondays
1.12 The Last Word
1.13 The Night
1.14 El Barquito de Nuez

Voltaire: Almost Human

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